Why Sell Scottish Art Online Today as best way

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Gathering the wildflowers!

Many Scotland artists can sell Scottish Art online and benefit greatly from the selling medium. Adopting e-commerce is becoming an essential outlet in today’s post covid sales situation. Also, it now applies to all art genres. Below we answer the following question:

Why you might want to sell Scottish Art online, on the World Wide Web?


    Selling Scottish Art Online – General Advantages for Artists

    • You can oversee all aspects of presenting your art. Includes quality and selection of images, the story, shipping, availability and processing times. Also, you can implement your own specific marketing if you wish to.
    • You can sell a variety of artworks and art objects at various price points to suit your obligations and demand.
    • Increasingly, more artists are adopting e-commerce.
    • Selling online broadens your customer base locally and internationally.
    • The increased reach with e-commerce results in more visibility.
    • Selling your Scottish Art online connects your work to other artists.

    Specific Sales positives for selling Scottish Art Online

    • Sales of higher-priced Scottish Art can be achieved by selling online.
    • A higher income for you as an Artist when you sell Scottish art online than selling wholesale through Galleries and Gallery shops.
    • Sales can be targeted to specific customers.
    • There is potential for sales growth.
    • You may also like to consider Why you might want to Sell your Scottish Art on Scotsy.
    • Customers are keen to buy direct from the Artist.
    • Selling your Scottish Art online helps you retain customers.
    • Customers can link between trade fairs/traditional retail outlets selling your art and your online sales platform and transfer from one to the other.
    • An online store gives customers time to consider buying online, particularly if they have seen your work in person.
    • Online is 24/7 for customers’ convenience.


    A significant advantage can be the control you have in presenting your art. Also, you can sell a variety of work without the inconvenience of delivering to a gallery, collecting if unsold and the like.

    Another important aspect is the increased reach. You can target local, countrywide and international customers, widening your horizons. Moreover, there are many prospects worldwide with Scottish connections, that may like to buy Scottish art in particular.

    There are many benefits in general. Here is a report on The Future of the Art Market.