The Banksy Story and How it Positively Relates to the Derivation of the Scotsy Name for the New Scotsy marketplace

The Scotsy Name.

The Scotsy name when conceived in 2020 was created and derived from Banksy. Also, with Scotsy being a Scottish art marketplace, you might ask, therefore:

“Is Scotsy the Scottish Banksy art marketplace“?

In order to understand that concept, listen to “The Banksy Story”! – Details below.

Notably, some of the artwork on Scotsy might even shred halfway through when you receive it! In turn, it might, although a very big might more probably, just increase in value 20-fold in doing so as did Banksy’s “Love is in the Bin” in 2018!

“Love is in the Bin” creation, at Sotheby’s.

In October 2018, Sotheby’s was selling a Banksy at a very cheap asking price. It was a reframe of an original created in 2006 named “The Girl with Balloon”. But it had been renamed “Love is in the Air” and put in a massive, unwieldy, deep gilt frame.

It was the last lot of the evening and was described as spray paint and acrylic on canvas.

The auction bidding progressed with a frenzy and excitement. It sold for £860,000. Nearly 3 times the estimate of £200k – £300k.

As soon as the hammer went down there was a grinding, motorised noise from the depths of the frame as the “girl with balloon” was mostly shredded 2/3rds of the way through before the shredder came to a halt.

It was now the most pre-eminent artwork of the early 21st century and was given the revised name “Love is in the Bin”

Moreover, 2 years later “Love is in the Bin” was resold for a mere £16 million!

Banksy artwork being shredded - the Banksy Story

Who is Banksy?

Who is Banksy happens to be a Big Question! The secrecy surrounding him adds to his overall intrigue.

Could it even be me, the Scotsy owner, you might ask? or, Who could it be?

As I write this, there is the “Cut and Run” Banksy Exhibition in progress in Glasgow running till 28th August! In addition to his worldwide fame, this also shows Banksy’s relevance and importance to Scotland and Scottish art.

You, need to listen, therefore, to the BBC’s Banksy Story podcasts.

The Banksy Story, BBC Sounds

This story of Banksy starts with his secretive street artist endeavours to international icon.

The Banksy Story from BBC Sounds is a BBC podcast released on 17 July 2023 and is available for at least a year.

The Banksy Story
James Peak works out how Banksy became the most famous, and infamous, artist in the world.
The Banksy Story with shadow and spray paint can

Welcome to the Banksy Story

James Peak works out how Banksy became the most famous, and infamous, artist in the world.

2 minutes long


1. The Mild, Mild West

Banksy from hood rat to hero. How did Bristol’s radical nature shape Banksy and his art?

22 minutes


2. Love & Death & BMX

From hood rat to hero – James finds someone from Banksy’s secret team, but will they talk?

18 minutes


3. Santa’s Ghetto

Banksy from hood rat to hero. A Christmas exhibition helps Steph prove herself to Banksy.

19 minutes


4. Reverse Heists

Banksy’s rise from hood rat to hero. His cheeky reverse heists gain him notoriety.

21 minutes


5. Crude Oils

Banksy from hood rat to art hero. A new exhibition featuring 200 live rats? Err OK…

16 minutes


6. LA Story

Banksy from hood rat to art hero. A show in LA brings in huge celebrity names.

21 minutes


7. A nightmare on Oxford St

Banksy from hood rat to art hero – a nightmare on Oxford Street sees Steph in trouble.

20 minutes


8. Brushed under the carpet

Banksy from hood-rat to hero – Banksy returns to Bristol in triumph. Steph stands accused.

17 minutes


9. Restoration

The story of Banksy from hood rat to hero. For Steph help arrives from an unlikely source.

21 minutes


10. Who Is He?

Street art in 2023, shredding paintings and why Steph shared her story.

24 minutes


Further to Scotsy Derivation and the Banksy Story, A Final point of interest.

You can check out how Scotsy was actually created, by going on to this page:
About Scotsy New Scottish Art Marketplace

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