Sell Scottish Art – gain with the new ‘Scotsy’ no. 1 website

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Colours of the wild sea!

Sell Scottish Art; a new marketplace website! All artists who become approved sellers to sell their Art on the new Scotsy online website have much to gain. We will assist you in all ways to add your artwork and develop Artist seller pages on the site.

Below are details on significant factors, which you might like to consider. Fundamentally, it answers the question:

  • Why you might want to choose the Scotsy, Scottish online Art Marketplace to sell Scottish art?


A Specialist Scottish Art site that has significant advantages

  • Scotsy is a specialist art website for Scotland’s artists. It is, therefore, an ideal online platform for you to sell Scottish art, to the UK and Worldwide art markets.
  • As a Scotsy Artist seller, you can start with an account and store for FREE. Also, listing all artworks published on the site is FREE.
    Having said that, there is a commission charge on the sale of each item (more details on this page: Artist T&Cs), This commission charge, is necessary for you to contribute towards the website design and running costs. Also, it helps with the Scotsy Scottish Art Marketplace promotion expenditure.
  • Scotsy therefore, offers a very cost-effective alternative sales channel, to traditional sales, such as Galleries and large, UK online gallery sites. Selling your Scottish Art through the latter channels can cost you about three or four times more in some cases.
  • Comprehensive, flexible shipping options are offered in addition, where you can set your own prices for local pickup, local delivery, and the UK and International Shipping Zones.

Benefits for you as a Scotland-Associated Artist, to Sell Scottish Art

  • As a selected Scottish artist seller on Scotsy, you have control over your artwork product content.
    Nonetheless, the Scotsy ‘Admin Shop Manager’ role, will need to approve your initial draft listing and authorize it, before the listing can go live. Notably, this approval in itself, ensures all artworks meet the required in-house standards, for art publications on the site. Also, it is advantageous to all Scotsy Artist Sellers as a whole.
  • Scotsy is an intermediary website offering a range of art from different artists and various art genres. This can attract a varied customer audience for all artists to benefit from the site. You can be assured artist sellers on the site all sell Scottish art.
  • Artist Sellers have their own webshop store within Scotsy with a unique web address ( We would encourage you to use this on your printed literature and other mediums, to promote your online Scotsy store and your web presence.
  • The Scotsy Artist Seller/Vendor dashboard offers import/export of CSV product files with data mapping, to enable you to transfer and import product listings from your own or other website medium and install them on Scotsy.
    However, regarding any possible duplicate content, we would recommend that you vary product descriptions between all live online mediums as much as possible, in the interests of your SEO. (Please refer to SEO in the Knowledgebase).
  • A further benefit is unlimited Artwork listings – there are no Artwork product quantity restrictions in the paid plans.

Scotsy Promotion – ‘Sell Scottish Art’ Marketing, SEO, Blog, etc.

  • Scotsy will endeavor to conduct traditional and online advertising for the Scotsy website in addition to Social Media and other marketing. The latter is to include a blog and a newsletter.
  • With regard to the blog, artist sellers will be able to post approved articles as a guest.
  • The Scotsy site is SEO optimized using Rank Math However, as a seller, you are required to add your own SEO data for your shop and artwork products, to benefit from the SEO. (Again, more info in the Seller Knowledge base under SEO).
  • Another feature: your Artist’s store can offer discount coupons for your Scotsy shop. These can be for promotions, friends and family special prices, etc.


The most significant benefit is Scotsy is a specialist site for you to sell Scottish Art and enrols Scotland-associated Artists only. Also, it is one of the most cost-effective platforms compared to most alternative online and traditional sales channels. Notably, a Basic Plan account is entirely FREE until you sell. Then only a small commission rate applies. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of Scottish artworks added to your store on the Plus Plans.

Scotsy approves all those wishing to Sell Scottish Art on the site. Also, each artwork listing submitted has to be approved and accepted before going live. You can therefore be assured high standards are maintained for all.

Another advantage is, you have control over your own content and buyer options and can edit it to your own requirements.

By using Scotsy, you don’t need the considerable funds required for setting up and marketing your own online solution. An Artist’s store on Scotsy is completely free to set up. You do not need to invest in e-commerce yourself.

Finally, there is a much-reduced learning curve compared to the extensive detailed know-how that is necessary for your own complete functioning website. We offer a knowledge base ( for Artists plus individual support is available. Additionally, Scotsy provides a larger, varied audience, ready to buy Art.

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