Scotsy the no. 1, top, Scottish art online gallery is now accepting Scottish Artists. We answer the question: What is a good platform to sell my Scottish Art?

Scotsy, a new Scottish Art online gallery Marketplace is now up and ready to go. You now no longer need to ask “What platform to sell my Scottish Art”? Nearly all types of artwork are accepted on Scotsy, from paintings to Sculptures, large and small.

Moreover, you can sell artwork without the excessive commission rates and setup costs normally charged by galleries. Although, a small commission is charged to cover website and other admin costs,

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Art sales Commission rates:

Scotsy commission is between only 8% and 20%. With The main plans (MONTHLY Plus and YEARLY Plus) it is only 14%. This compares to the 50% norm at most galleries!

Here is an article on “Why Do Galleries Get Such High Commission”: Art Marketing for Artists.

Notably, the article does not apply to Scotsy you’ll be pleased to note. However, it relates to conventional galleries in general and similarly applies to Scottish Art Galleries.

Want to know more? Contact us through this link to our Contact Us page.

An approval process applies to all Artist applications in order to maintain a high standard.

All artists accepted on Scotsy must have a Scotland association (born, live or studied in Scotland etc.) Also, there is a Scotsy admin approval process and images of three recent artwork examples are required.

The marketplace is now accepting Scottish art from approved, practising Scottish artists with an association with Scotland. Do you, therefore, want to sell your art to Scotland, the rest of the UK and worldwide markets? This is the time.

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Why join Scotsy now?

This a great time to come on board and an opportunity for you!

Notably, we can currently offer concentrated one-to-one support by telephone, email or Zoom. This would be to set up your store and add your Scottish artwork. Also, as an introductory incentive, we can provide you with three featured artworks with the subscription-free BASIC plan. (Featured artworks are randomly displayed on the prominent front page).

In, addition, the first five Scottish Artists to sign up will be offered a feature, as “Artist of the Month”. This will be in a special article, published in the blog and summarised on the front page.

Go to the Artist Membership page to join!

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