Prices and Scotsy Taxes (VAT)

About Scotsy taxes (VAT) and prices displayed

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Shop displayed prices

All prices are shown on the site excluding VAT tax.

Scotsy taxes are applied, only at the checkout, if they apply and will be displayed in the final amount.

Conditions for Scotsy Taxes (VAT) to be applied

There are two requirements for a buyer to be charged VAT tax as below:

  1. the artist seller is entitled to charge and is registered for VAT
  2. if the delivery address (i.e. the destination address) is within the UK.
    (Note: if delivery is to a country outside of the UK then those countries’ taxes may apply, and it will be the recipient’s responsibility. The recipient is however likely to be you, the buyer).

How UK VAT works

About Artists who are likely to be registered for VAT taxes

SCOTSY taxes (VAT)

Notably, most of our artists are unlikely to be VAT registered and will not charge tax in the UK. (This does not mean to say, however, their sales to the rest of the world’s territories will be exempt from import taxes).

Our artists are more often, self-employed, one-person businesses. Although some may like to voluntarily register for VAT, most will not be registered. The annual net sales requirement for compulsory VAT registration is £85,000 per year.