Open new Stripe Accnt – (Scotland Art 1)

The instructions below cover opening a Stripe Account for ScotsyArt Scotland Art Marketplace. (Refer also to ‘apply to sell art on scotsyart page‘):

Scotland Art, ScotsyArt marketplace,  Open stripe account
Sign in button: top right page

Stripe Account Sign-up instructions – Scotland Art

Step 1

Click the ‘Sign in button‘, top right of page – see above image. Takes you to ‘Sign in to your account’ page.

Step 2

Click the Don’t have an account? ‘Sign up’ link at the bottom of the ‘sign in to your account page’. Takes you to the Register page, with a ‘Create your Stripe account‘ entries to complete.

Step 3

Complete all details in the create: your account section:

Scotland Art on ScotsyArt website, Stripe Account creation.
Create your Stripe account form for you to complete
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Country
  • Password (remember to make a note of your password)
  • Press ‘Create Account‘ button

The latter action will result in your account now being, almost ready, for your ScotsyArt Scotland Art STRIPE account.

You will then be taken to:
“The ‘Stipe Dashboard’ Home page”.

Step 4

Creating the account at Step 3 will also result in an email being sent to your email address.

You need to click on the ‘Verify your Address‘ link sent to you, in order to verify your email.

Step 5

Verifying your email will unlock: the dashboard page “Add business details to activate your account section“. Dashboard Image, showing ‘Verify your email (green highlight) and Add business details locked link (red highlight) is below.

Business details ScotsyArt Scotland Art Stripe account
Dashboard showing ‘Verify your email (green highlight) and Add business details locked link (red highlight).

Step 6

The ‘locked link’ at red ink 2. above will change to a clickable blue link namely:
> Add business details to activate your account

Click to access the various business details Stripe requires and add all details. Includes sections on:

  • Business Structure
  • Business Details
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Bank Details
  • Etc.

Your account should now be activated.

Step 7

Settings LH Main Menu item is a useful section to know about:

Click on Settings to add/edit/view your various business details entered at Step 6. The main section that should apply to you as a Vendor are the item links listed under Business Settings at the bottom – see image:

Settings for your ScotsyArt Scotland Art Stripe account
STRIPE Account ‘Settings’ menu item

Stripe API keys

Later, when you setup you ScotsyArt, Artist Vendor account details and Connect your Stripe account to ScotsyArt, you will need the Stripe API Keys.
These are accessed by clicking ‘Home‘ in the Stripe dashboard menu at the top, and then ‘> Get your API Keys’ link, just above the Verify your email highlighted in green in image above.

There is a Publishable Key and a Secret Key for both ‘Test API Keys‘ and ‘Live API Keys‘ sets.