Art Gift Cards

Art gift cards offer an easy alternative to a physical Fine Art Gift or Print gift. Additionally, a gift card gives the receiver an opportunity to choose an art gift of their own choosing.

For details, see Art Gift Card Options below.

Art gift cards provide a gift of one's own choosing image
Art Gift Cards provide a present of choice

Art Gift Cas – Options

  1. ScotsyArt Gift Voucher (can be used on all site art items)
    Firstly, a ScotsyArt Gift Voucher provides an attractive gift option for the discerning recipient Also, it can be used with all Art purchases on the site. A gift voucher purchase can then be used to buy a fine art or print gift of choice and could enable the perfect option for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, engagement gift, wedding gift, etc.
  2. Artist Gift Voucher (offered by artists themselves on there own art products)
    Secondly, there are specific Artist Gift Vouchers that can be offered by Artists from time to time for their own art. Often, these are used additionally for promotions and can meet your needs and the gift receiver(s) in other ways.