Art Buyer Support on a purchase – The no. 1 step is to use for a quick response

ART Buyer Support Ticket System (Note: Support is provided by the Artist)

Art Buyer Support - Love Bomb, Jupiter Artland
Love Bomb, a 12-metre-high Orchid!


An art buyer Support Ticket with a ticket number is issued to you as the Art Buyer after you raise a question regarding a product you have purchased. This then allows direct communication on post-purchase queries between you the Buyer and the Artist Vendor, who sold the art item to you.

Important to Note:

Support questions are concerned with purchased items after you have transacted a shopping cart purchase. Whereas, Enquiries or Inquiries are for pre-purchase queries.

For Enquiry queries on customer pre-purchases, follow the procedure in this link: Buyer Enquiry page

Orders List

You as the Art Buyer need to go to your  MyAccount page ‘Orders’, by selecting Login/MyAccount button on any page top bar menu on the right-hand side. Login if required. Alternatively, follow the MyAccount link.

Art Buyer Support - My account Ligin

Next, select the “Orders” tab (yellow outline box as shown in the image below to view the order you wish to raise a support ticket for:

Art Buyer support - orders page

Art Buyer Support Ticket

“Click on the Support button” (Red outline box image above) for your order. This opens the “Support Ticket Form”:

Support Ticket form for art buyer to complete

Complete the form by selecting a ‘Category’ and a ‘Priority’

The Product box should carry over the product titles from your order and you need to select the one you are querying.

Then add the ‘Issues you are having’ in detail.

Finally, click the SUBMIT button. A ticket is then generated, submitting the query.

Artist Vendor

The Artist vendor receives your art buyer’s ticket in their SCOTSY account and is in addition, informed by email. Note: SCOTSY admin is also informed.


The ticket can be seen only by you, the concerned Artist vendor and Admin.

Reply Form

The Artist Vendor has to type their reply in a Reply Form. Includes:

  • An Added File, if it is necessary
  • Sets the priority
  • Sets the Status

Art Buyer Support – Reply Ticket Tab

You the Buyer will be able to view your replies using the ‘Support Tickets’ button in ‘ MyAccount‘ dashboard menu, accessed by clicking the Login/MyAccount button on any page as covered above.

You will be taken to this page after you select your “Support Tickets button” (Yellow outline box)

Art Buyer Support Tickets

You as the Buyer then need to Click on the appropriate Support ticket ‘view’ tab to see the Support Ticket.

A Support Ticket with a Reply form is in the example below:

Then, you the customer/buyer can post a reply in the thread following the same procedure mentioned earlier.

The thread can continue back and forth, recording each Artist and your input, etc. until satisfactorily dealt with. Refer customer/buyer reply form below:

Support ticket reply form