Art Buyer Refunds made easy

Art Buyer Refunds for orders placed: Claim by Customers.

Art Buyer Refund - Weeping Girl Jupiter Artland
Weeping Girl!


Art Buyer Refunds or Customer Refunds, when required, can be for things like Order Cancellations, Orders lost in the post, Orders damaged in the post, Orders returned, etc. It is a necessary part of the Scotsy Art Marketplace for Buyers.

Importantly, therefore, you as the Art Buyer / Customer can claim a refund directly with Scotsy admin or alternatively, through the Artist responsible for supplying you with your artwork.

An essential aspect of this is the Artist’s individual refund policy, which notably needs to meet UK consumer legislation but also an artist’s individual requirements. You can view your artist’s refund policy and other policies by visiting their Store Page:

Then on the Store list pages:

  • Select your Artist’s Store
  • Click on the VISIT button
  • Takes you to a page similar to the screenshot below. You can then click on the centre POLICIES tab button and scroll down to the REFUND POLICY heading:Art Buyer Refund

Refund Claim by Customer / Buyer

You as the customer can request a refund through either your Artist vendor by email etc. or by going directly to Scotsy admin. If claiming from your Artist, they will in turn make the claim for the refund to Admin for you.

In order to request from Scotsy direct, log in to your customer account and go to Login/MyAccount page, then “Orders” on the right-hand menu. You can then look for your order and go to its Refund button:

Click on the Refund button for the order you wish to request a refund for and you will be provided with a Refund Request data entry box, as shown below:

Complete the refund request details as requested in the data box:

  • Full Refund or Partial Refund
  • Refund Amount
  • Reason for the request

You as the Customer / Buyer can then submit the request, which the Scotsy admin person will process.

Art Buyer Refund Approval by Scotsy Admin

Admin has to consider, and manually approve or reject all art buyer refund requests!

If approved, Scotsy will then process the refund payment through their STRIPE card payment system, back into the card you used to make the purchase in the first place.

All parties will be informed by email.