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Customer Enquiries about Artworks and Artists

Art Buyer Enquiries - Land Sculpture image Jupiter Artland

Customer/Art Buyer Enquiries General

Customers can lodge Art Buyer enquiries, which are sent to the Artist (with a copy to SCOTSY Admin). This can be about either an individual artwork product, the Artist, or the Artist’s SCOTSY Store. The same form is used on the front end of the website by customers for all three types of enquiry.

All enquiries are recorded and can be replied to or updated on your MyAccount page. We cover the customer MyAccount page later in the article.

Important to Note:

Enquiries or Inquiries are for pre-purchase queries. Whereas Support questions are concerned with purchased items after you have transacted a shopping cart purchase.

For Support queries on your purchases, follow the procedure in this link: Buyer Support page

1. Artwork Product Enquiry:

All artwork products have an “Enquiy/Ask the Artist” button for customers on the right-hand side of each product page’s main image.

Art Buyer Enquiries enquiry button

As a Customer, you can click on the enquiry button and it takes you to an Enquiry form. Also, as previously mentioned this form is similarly used for all three Store/artwork enquiry types.
(Importantly, if you first log in as a customer at the “Login/MyAccount” button page, you will have access to this and all previous enquiry details and answers, if you have made any).

The Enquiry Form :

Enquiry Ask the Artist form

2. Store Enquiry – Store List Page:

Click on the “Inquiry” button for the Store you wish to make an enquiry about:

Store Enquiry - Art Buyer Enquiries

3. Store Enquiry – Artist Store Page:

The Artist Store is accessed by clicking the appropriate “Visit” button on the Store List Page. Notably, the Artist Store also has an Inquiry Button for customers and visitors enquiring about that Store.

As previously mentioned any Artwork product enquiries made by you will be added to your MyAccount “Inquiries List”, but only if you are logged in:

Customer MyAccount page – Art Buyer Enquiries:

Logged-in Customers can view his/her enquiry status and reply by going to their Customer account page on the site. (You need to go to Login/MyAccount button on the top-bar menu, right-hand side on any SCOTSY web page).

Importantly, all visitors and logged-in customers making an enquiry will receive email communications and updates in addition to what is recorded for account holders.

This is a screenshot of the “Inquiries” right-hand menu selection on MyAccount dashboard page, showing two recorded enquires. Click the appropriate View button in the “Actions” column to see the status:

Inquiries page

Notably, if you click on a View button, you can also add an additional reply(s) or comments(s), which will be added to the thread. See the image that follows:

That then covers Customer, Art Buyer Enquiries procedures and help.