Apply now to Sell Art on Scotsy

In order to apply to Sell Art on Scotsy you primarily need to have a Scotland Association of some description, in addition to considering yourself as a practicing Artist. You will also need to sign-up for a STRIPE payment processing account, which is fairly straightforward. See Step 5: STRIPE Account opening instructions, below.

(Before continuing with applying to sell your art, however, you may find the item at the bottom of this page to be worth an initial look, namely: Call to all Scotland Associated Artists)

Sell Art on ScotsyArt Scotland Map
Must be Scotland Associated Artist to sell art on ScotsyArt
Sell Art page: Table of Contents

    Step 1 – Artist Membership Sign-Up Page

    Sign-up Details

    STEP 1: In order to join ScotsyArt as an Artist to Sell your art, the first sign-up step is to go to the Artist Membership application page. The ‘Artist Membership’ page button is located in Top menu bar and is the third menu item from the right.

    Sell Art - Artist Membership button
    Top Menu Bar with Artist Membership page button

    There are three Membership Plan options. Plan descriptions are detailed below the membership plans screenshot.

    Sell Art Membership Plans
    Artist Membership application page

    Plan Descriptions

    1. BASIC Plan
      This is a FREE plan. There is no signup commitments with this sell art Scotland scheme, only a 10% commission charge on any sales. You can list as many artworks as you like and relist when stock runs out, without any charge. Also, you can cancel the plan or upgrade to a paid plan at any time.
    2. MONTHLY Plus Plan
      The monthly sell art Scotland Artist membership plan is the most popular. The first month is completely free. Other conditions are the same as the Basic Plan except the commission rate is just 6%. In addition, of course there is a £5 per month charge. Again, cancel or upgrade to the Annual Plan at any time. Or, downgrade if its your preference.
    3. ANNUAL Plus Plan
      The third plan is similar to the monthly plan except for the £60 per year ‘sell art Scotland’ payment required. This plan is ideal if you want to sell wholesale to Trade outlets, in addition to retail. The commission rate is only 4% . You can cancel, with no costs within the 30 day trial period. However, after that you will be committed to each yearly charge to be paid, from the first payment month until cancellation.

    Step 2 – Select ‘Your Sell Art Membership Plan’ Preference

    Select your preferred sell art membership plan by pressing the appropriate SUBSCRIBE NOW button. Plans are:
    BASIC Plan | MONTHLY Plus Plan | YEARLY Plus Plan.
    A summary for each plan is also detailed in the blue coloured block for each.

    On subscribing you will be taken to the Registration form, which will require approval by ScotsyArt when completed.

    When approved, you are provided with an account and access to your own ‘Artist store’ and ‘account dashboard’.
    (The dashboard has all the links necessary for you to manage and setup your store and enter your artwork particulars for sale).

    Step 3 – Registration

    You will be required to complete the Registration Form as follows:

    • Firstly, enter a username and your email address.
    • When you enter your email address, the vertical bar on the left of the box should go green.
      IMPORTANT: just wait for a short time and a message should appear.
      Viz. ‘a green tick’ + green text message: ” Verification code sent to your email then; your-email-address.
    • Check your email account for the email. If nothing received after waiting, please initially check your spam folder. If still not there, click re-send button on the registration form.
      Code should be a six digit number.
    • Copy the code and paste into the ‘verification code’ box and press return. (Box is just under the email address entry box, in the Registration form).
    Sell Art Registration Form - Verification Code Box
    Verification box for you to enter 6 digit code sent to your email address
    • The compulsory fields in the registration form will then be highlighted with a red bar on the LH side of each entry box.
    • Enter personal details and complete the red highlighted box entries with your ‘sell art on ScotsyArt Scotland Association eligibility’, ‘artist particulars’, etc.
    • Next, click on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link and ensure you are OK with ScotsyArt terms, before ticking the ‘Agree’ box.
    • Finally, click the REGISTER button, bottom right., to complete the ‘Sell Art’ on ScotsyArt, registration application.

    Step 4 – Registration Approval

    Your registration details will be sent to ScotsyArt Admin for approval. You will be advised when registration has been checked and approved (or rejected).

    Next step for you will be to sign up for a STRIPE account, unless you already have one

    (You can go back to the ‘Plans’ page if you need to by pressing the ‘<< PLANS’ button. However, you will loose the entered data).

    Step 5 – STRIPE Account

    To sell art on ScotsyArt you will need a STRIPE payment processing account. This is required for buyers to pay you, securely by card, over the internet, in the normal way. Most card types are accepted.
    The small percentage commission payment on your Sales will be deducted and paid to ScotsyArt directly by STRIPE. (The commission amount is in accordance with your plan. It is a payment that goes towards the upkeep of the ‘Sell Art’ ScotsyArt site)

    It is, therefore, necessary that you to open a STRIPE card payment account, unless you already have one. However, opening a Stripe account is very straightforward. Instructions are listed below:

    STRIPE Account opening procedure:

    Please read Scotland Artist T&C in first instance.


    ScotsyArt invites all Scotland associated artists to apply to become a seller on the Scottish Art Marketplace, If born in Scotland, live in Scotland, educated in Scotland, produce Scotland themed artwork, or have some other Scotland association, you are ‘welcome to apply’. Please go to Apply to Sell on Scotsy page.

    We are open to practising professional Artist sellers, who are in all Art genres. Includes: Painting, Art Printing, Photography, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital Art, Collage, Installation, etc.

    We look forward to receiving your initial Artist Registration application: . You can select a membership plan here : Artist Membership. Click a Subscribe Now button for the registration form.

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    (If you sell art and are Scottish or live in Scotland, you may also find this external organisation of interest: Society of Scottish Artists)