Apply now to Sell Art on Scotsy No.1

In order to apply to Sell Art on Scotsy you primarily need to have a Scotland Association of some description, in addition to considering yourself as a practising Artist. You will also need to sign-up for a STRIPE payment processing account.

(Before continuing with applying to sell your art, however, you may find the item at the bottom of this page to be worth an initial look, namely: Call to all Scotland Associated Artists)

Sell Art on ScotsyArt Scotland Map
Must be Scotland Associated Artist to sell art on SCOTSY

Apply to Sell on the Scotsy Art Website

To apply to sell, go to the ‘Artist Membership’ button on the Top-Bar Menu. Image below;

Sell Art on SCOTSY membership button
Top Menu Bar with Artist Membership page button – image with a link

Basic Initial SignUp Procedure:

  1. Check out the three membership plan summaries on the Artist Membership page
  2. Choose a plan and
  3. Click the appropriate ‘Sign UP’ / Subscribe button
Sell Art on SCOTSY Plans
SCOTSY Sell Art Membership Plan Titles image with a link

Knowledgebase Articles on Scotsy SignUp

For more details please read the knowledgebase articles on this page (image link):


Knowledgebase link for Sell Art on SCOTSY Application Process


Scotsy invites all Scotland-associated artists to apply to become a seller on their Scottish Art Marketplace, If born in Scotland, live in Scotland, are educated in Scotland, produce Scotland-themed artwork, or have some other Scotland association, you are ‘welcome to apply’. Please go to Apply to Sell on Scotsy page.

We are open to practising professional Artist sellers, who are in all Art genres. Includes: Painting, Art Printing, Photography, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital Art, Collage, Installation, etc.

We look forward to receiving your initial Artist Registration application. You can select a membership plan here: Artist Membership. Click the Subscribe Now button for the registration form.

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(If you sell art and are Scottish or live in Scotland, you may also find this external organisation of interest: Society of Scottish Artists)